There is no equal to the permanence and dignity like having your business name gilded to your windows. There is no imitation or "gold paint" that will compare to the luminosity of the gilded letter. The process is done with all the traditional methods that were established over 100 years ago. Our gold is 23K Gold which is backed up with a layer of durable painting enamel, and a layer of Marine Grade Spar Varnish. 

Real, Genuine 23 Kt Gold-Leaf is used for each gilding using methods that go back to the Renaissance and beyond.

Copper and Silver Leaf are also available! 

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GILDING FEATURE, 19DEC2014 -  Before and After! Scroll down to see the difference Gilding can make on the facade of the Old Fourth Distillery, in the Old Fourth Ward in Atlanta.

GILDING FEATURE:  Gilding has several qualities that a camera cannot capture in one shot.

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